Battery for Lovego mini portable oxygen machine LG101

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$100.00 - $150.00 / Pieces | 1 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)
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Quick Details
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Instrument classification:
Class II
Medical Gas Equipments
General for:
LG101 battery
Specific use:
60 minutes
7 hours to recharge fully
oxygen generator:
battery portable oxygen concentrator
portable oxygen concentrator:
replace medical oxygen cylinders
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
2000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Product Description

Battery for Lovego 

Portable Oxygen Machine LG101

With Lovego, let's do what you wanna do.

Let's go where you wanna go.

Lovego portable oxygen concentrator LG101 produce 40% to 93% oxygen saturation. 

Continuous flow
1 liter
2 liter
3 liter
4 liter
5 liter
Oxygen purity

If clients need below 2.5 liters oxygen supplements, we suggest LG101.
LG101 is economical and affordable for customers.

Easy Operation

Power on and oxygen coming out

LG101 is our first generation portable oxygen concentrator. Its minimalism style allow customers easy cooperation.
Mature technology keeps it working stable in long time.
Battery design and car work design allow customers go outside.
Customers could get freedom back again as before.

Enjoy the sunshine freely

Your family member could walk out in the sunshine or basking on the beach.Basking in the sunshine can strengthen immunity, supplement vitamin D and increase blood circulation. It's very good for treatment.
If you need longer time, extra battery is available.
You could also refer to 4 hours model LG102 and 8 hours model LG102S. They will provide much longer battery time than LG101

Travel with ease

You could accompany your family member go hospital at any time and don't need to worry lack of oxygen.
Your family member could go shopping, take a walk, doing recovery exercises, visiting friends and relatives as usual.
Colorful life could keep your family member away from loneliness and keep a good mood. Good mood is good for treatment.
With Lovego portable oxygen concentrator, you could arrange travel without worry.

Be prepared for Emergency

We must be prepared for emergency situation. Such as power failure and family member's illness worse suddenly.
If power failure happen, we could use battery immediately.
If family member's illness worsen suddenly, we need to drive them to hospital immediately and require oxygen supplement in the whole journey. Lovego portable oxygen concentrator could produce oxygen all the time and save life in emergency.

Product Parameters

Attention: Model LG101 is suitable for patients who need 1 to 2.5 liters oxygen therapy.
If your family member need above 2 liters oxygen therapy, please choose model LG102 and LG102S

Other Options

Options for other Portable Oxygen Concentrator

1 hour battery life Lovego portable oxygen concentrator LG101

US $680.00/piece

4 hours battery time Lovego portable oxygen concentrator LG102

US $1327.00/piece

8 hours battery time Lovego portable oxygen concentrator LG102 plus

US $1499.00/piece

Home use 3 liters oxygen concentrator Medical Grade

US $280.00/piece

Home use 5 liters oxygen concentrator Medical Grade

US $350.00/piece

Home use 10 liters oxygen concentrator Medical Grade

US $600.00/piece

Tips of choose POC

How to choose a suitable device for your family member?

1. What oxygen should be Enough for your family member?

Usually doctor will write or print oxygen dose and oxygen therapy time in the prescription. If doctor write 2LPM or 2 liters/min in prescription, that means 2 liters oxygen with above 90% oxygen purity.
If doctor write 3LPM or 3 liters, that means 3 liters oxygen with above 90% oxygen purity.

Be Attention:

Please make confirmation that machine could produce 90% saturation oxygen at least. There are many devices just produce 70% saturation oxygen or less when you turn up flow. ( oxygen saturation less than 90% is not allowed by medical oxygen therapy. Insufficient oxygen will worsen illness and be harmful to your family member life)

Another thing to consider is choose bigger oxygen flow than your family member actually need. If his oxygen prescription is 3LPM, we suggest you choose a device which has capacity of above 3 liters flow with 90% oxygen saturation. Your family member might need more oxygen in winter and in future. You need to take it into consideration. 

2. Put safety of your family member first.

Low oxygen alarm could monitor oxygen saturation. If machine deliver oxygen less than 82% saturation, alarm will work to remind you. If alarm activate, you need to call Lovego service station to check machine.

Choose a device with low oxygen alarm:

If you choose a device which doesn't have low oxygen alarm, you won't know whether it is producing oxygen or normal air. If device has problem in oxygen concentration, it will just deliver normal air. But device still looks working normally. You have no idea when your family member inhale normal air. Your family member will feel suffocating. It will worsen illness and be harmfull to your family member life. It will cause syncope and death in emergency situation.

LG101 doesn't have low oxygen alarm. If you choose this model for your family member, please monitor your family member blood oxygen saturation every once in a while. Once it drops below 90, please contact Lovego service center to check device.  

3. Choose a machine which has service station in your country

There are many clients ignore after sales service when they buy from internet. If there isn't service station guarantee after sales service, you can't find a professional technician to fix it when machine has a problem.
We Lovego brand have service stations all around the world to guarantee after sales service to our customers.
If you want to know address of Lovego service station in your country, please contact us.

If you have any doubts, you could inquire us.

                    Question Consulting: Hilary
                Email: hilary@oxygencare. cn
                Skype ID: hilaryqiu417

                Mobile: 0086 1857 5540 354
                WhatsApp: 0086 1857 5540 354
                Viber No: 0086 1857 5540 354

Why Choose Us Lovego

Fast delivery
We will arrange shipment from our nearest distributor once we receive your order. You don't need to handle import issues. If we don't have distributor in your country, we will arrange shipment from China by DHL express. You could receive package within 3 to 4 days.

After sales service guaranteed
Every Lovego distributor is a service station. They received professional training. You could get as long as 3 years warranty from Lovego service station in your country. You just need to pay cost of replacement parts when warranty expire.

We accept change machine and refund
If machine is not capable for you, you could have a try and change to other model. If you are not satisfied, you could contact us or Lovego distributor in your country to get refund.

More options for rental and installment payment
Some Lovego distributors accept rental and installment payment. If you want to rent a machine or pay by installment, tell us your contact information at the bottom. We will advise our nearest distributor contact you.

Welcome to Join us

It is available to be one of Lovego distributors and agents. Please tell us your company name, address, website, main business and annual sales.
Our marketing department will make a professional training plan for you company. Such as knowing products, marketing analysis and advertisement, salesman training and service training. 

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